Translation Services


Csaba Rédei
Õrség u. 9/a, H-1112 Budapest

I undertake assignments in the following:







  • translating and revising texts in the field of tourism, economics, finance, marketing, human resource management, information technology, environmental protection, and of general language,
  • simultaneous interpretation of lectures, translation of meetings, workshops and conferences especially of the mentioned fields,

in the English and German languages.

  • Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Industry at the College of Commerce, Catering and Tourism, Budapest (1997)
  • Faculty of International Relations at the University of Economics, Budapest, Department of International Economy and Business Policy (1999)

  • Ministry of Finance
  • American-Hungarian Association of Value Management
  • AXA Insurer Co.
  • Coca-Cola Hungary Ltd.
  • Humansoft Ltd.
  • Julianus Ltd.
  • DUNAFERR Steel Works Ltd.
  • DUNAFERR Portolán Ltd.
  • Hungarian Environmental Economics Centre (MAKK)
  • Emil Frey Ltd.
  • Mátraplast Ltd.
  • College of Dunaújváros, Institute of Economics
  • LiveCasinoDirect - an online casino guide on the net.
  • etc.
Should you have any questions, like to get more information, or give me an assignment, please, do not hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,

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